How can I contribute to this Bitcoin Cash project?
Developing and hosting a Bitcoin Cash platform of this scale costs lots of money. If you would like to help out, please send Bitcoin Cash donations to bitcoincash:qzs6jdkt752fahvrff5psy4d6cxc02ep3cx74hpycl

What is Bitcoin Cash and where can I buy it?
Bitcoin Cash is a new form of Internet money. This Internet money is decentralized peer-to-peer cash where you can send money to anyone across the world, instantly and securely, almost for free, without requiring permission from any third party (banks or government).

You can buy Bitcoin Cash from any of the exchanges listed at https://www.bitcoincash.org/exchanges.html or with a credit card at https://purchase.bitcoin.com/

What is Reputation for?
Reputation gives you extra access and privileges on the platform. Such privileges include the ability to submit "Coming Soon" videos, submit "Featured" videos, higher limits to the number of contents you may submit, and more!

How do I earn Reputation?
Whenever one of your contents earned income (Tipping, Pay Per View, etc), your Reputation will increase automatically. The more you earn, the higher your Reputation and you get upgraded access to a wider audience on our platform. Our top Content Creators are people who do their own marketing and acquire a loyal fan base over a period of time. With hard work comes success, will you choose to be successful?

What is the privacy policy of this platform?
We do not collect any private information at all on our platform. You may notice that we don't even collect your email address nor any other private information when you signed up. We care deeply about our users privacy rights.

What type of contents can be uploaded?
We do not host any files on our server. The easiest way is to upload your video to YouTube and then paste the YouTube link when you submit the content.

What is the Treasure Hunt Event?
From now till Dec 2019, each tipping done will entitle the user to a chance of winning some CASH tokens of various amount. CASH tokens holders will receive part of the platform profits every month, based on the amount of CASH tokens they hold. You may also purchase CASH tokens directly from https://LocalBitcoinCash.org/

The distribution of the platform profits to CASH tokens holders will begin on June 2019.